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The staff at Leadteq are all experienced sales- and marketing professionals. We have seen the digital marketplace changing rapidly in the last few years. What we used to call the sales process is now turning into more of a buying process. This is true especially in the B2B sector. This requires new thinking from Sales & Marketing Professionals. Sales and Marketing cannot work separately anymore. To keep growing and to create ongoing revenue, you have to adapt to the rules of modern marketing. If your customers are digital and are acting in new digital channels, so must you. Your customers expect to find your offer online at the right time and in the right channels. If you can master this new way of marketing communication, you can also become successfull.
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Leadteq are certfied Gold Partners to Oracle ELOQUA in Scandinavia

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Running Projects


Meda is now up and running with their first campaigns using Eloqua. Leadteq has made the set-up of the system and guided the staff from Meda through the first steps to become Modern Marketeers using Marketing Automation.


Enecto selected Oracle Eloqua as the strategic choice when integrating sales and marketing. To be able to reach-out to their salesforce in various European countries, they now use Oracle Eloqua with the Profile & Engage plugins to fcilitate and optimize Lead Generation. Eloqua has also been integrated with SalesForce CRM.

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procent - thats how far a customer is inside own research before contacting a sales person - CEB/Google - The Digital Evolution in B2B Marketing


out of 100 american marketing managers believe that marketing has changed more in two years than in the latest 50 years. This is according to a study from Adobe


procent - that´s how many of those marketing managers that are sure companies lacking a well defined digital strategy will fail shortly. How is your strategy doing?


that´s how many cups of coffee we had while figuring out how to advise and help Sales- & Marketing Managers in their struggle to become Modern Marketeers.

We can assist you in LEAD


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Why Eloqua?

You need to segment your customers and adapt your message. You want to add social respons or SMS. You need to know which action that generates ROI. You want your sales reps to undestand what your clients do online. And you want your thank you mails, reminders and campaign to be sent automatically. Time to forget those old ESP systems.
You want to stay one step ahead of the competition. you want to co-ordinate all campaigns, digital and non-digital. You want to target specific target groups no matter the channel. Time to consider Marketing Automation.
You want to align the efforts of your sales- and marketing departments. You want them to use the same definition of a qualified lead, and you want them to use Lead Scoring. So that sales can contact the right ones first.
You know that RPI means Revenue Performance Indicator. KPI:s leading to revenue. You want to measure these numbers from day one and you want to see them improving over time. Like in Eloqua.

Get to know our methodology Leadteq Smartstart™

We have adopted Eloquas own methodolgy to fit the Scandinavian Market. Step by step we will guide you in the process of becoming Modern Marketeers using Marketing Automation. Get in touch to learn more
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