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Marketing Automation

Our view on Marketing Automation

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Your customers are changing their buying behaviour. By using search, social media and by turning to their peers in digital media, they educate themselves before buying. They don´t want to be contacted by sales people until they are ready to buy, or until they specifically ask for it.

Marketing Automation is all about meeting and supporting the customer in their own buying process. Connect your webpage to Eloqua and Eloqua to your CRM and you have an excellent start.

How does Marketing Automation work??

It’s pretty simple. Today a web search is the most common way to start looking for a product or service. It does not matter if it is consumer goods, B2C or business to business, B2B. And that’s where our common journey can begin – to follow the customer online from the initial search to the final purchase. And not only that. A modern company takes the liberty to inform the customer a little along the way, and give her advice and tips about the purchase. It can be online, in the mail box, as sms or perhaps by using an app. IF the client asks for this information. Ask first.

Profiling & technology

The technology behind behind this concept makes it possible to recognize IP addresses identifying the company, country or industry. Then the system can track the activity online and ask for an e-mail for identification. Gradually, a profile is created when a visitor signs up for a newsletter, downloads a whitepaper or makes a purchase. It is also recommended to let the customer / visitor actively choose what kind of message he / she wants to receive, so called “Opt-in”.

Hence, there is the possibility of a win-win situation between sellers and buyers. The good thing is that through increased honesty and transparency, the amount of “real” customers, who appreciate the company’s products or services, will increase.

Marketing Automation – Why now?

Why is it important to review the current processes and invest in marketing automation now? Research from Gartner, Aberdeen and Forrester shows that:

  • 79% of customers use “search” before they contact the seller
  • Only 6% of all leads are followed up by sales – 94% are not touched because sales believe that they are not qualified
  • 80% of the above leads will buy within 24 months
  • 92% of all marketing activities have the wrong timing in relation to the customer’s buying process
  • 72% of salespeople’s time is spent on clients who are not ready to buy
  • 38% of a sales reps time is spent on finding their ‘own’ leads
  • Buyers believe that 75% of a sales meeting provide none or little value
  • The sales process has become 22% longer compared to 5 years ago
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