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This is where we share our thoughts around Marketing Automation, Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing and Oracle Eloqua!

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Marketing Automation and Creativity: How to Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too

As marketing automation and data-driven marketing become increasingly important, some marketers feel that creativity is being sacrificed. In this post we’ll demonstrate how to get the perfect blend of...

0 comment Mar 16, 2016

Sneak preview of Oracle Eloqua New User Interface

Enjoy a quick sneak peek into the new Oracle Eloqua new user experience that is expected to arrive now in February 2016. Featuring some great new enhancements and a...

0 comment Feb 04, 2016

Do you Cut&Paste too much?

Leave your glue and your scissors in your drawer! Do you work in an international company, with customers in many countries that require locally adapted and translated communications? You...

0 comment Jun 25, 2015

Alexander is Certified

Congratulations Alexander! Leadteq can today proudly announce that Alexander has taken and passed the Oracle Eloqua Implementation Specialist Certificate. The certificate is a proof that Alexander masters both practical...

0 comment Jun 09, 2015

What is your number

Sender score; know your reputation as an email sender You are sending emails on regular basis, but do you know if they are getting delivered? And no, I’m not...

0 comment Jun 05, 2015

Predictive Lead Scoring

More & better leads with Lattice predictive lead scoring Traditional Lead scoring is based on customer profile and engagement. Why not add any data available about your prospective customer?...

0 comment May 06, 2015

4 difficult obstacles B2B marketers meet – and how to get over them

Learn to defeat our time’s marketing obstacles It’s hard to keep up with the constantly alternating B2B market landscape. New technologies and changing consumer behavior mean that you can...

0 comment May 05, 2015

10 tips on how to create top 10 lists

The Reason Why Top 10 Lists Work Simple, clear and structured; characteristics of the top 10 lists that periodically pop up in our social networks. Often they capture my...

0 comment Apr 09, 2015

Modern Mark, the Market Hybrid

Revenue Marketing transforms you into a Marketing Hybrid Spreadsheets, loads of events, different e-mail systems, poor data. These are some of the challenges today’s modern marketers have to deal...

0 comment Mar 09, 2015

We have moved our office

New place, New possibilities The 2nd of March 2015 we moved in to our new office at Linnégatan. The past year has been very successful and we have had...

0 comment Mar 03, 2015
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