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Cloudwords för Eloqua

Cloudwords for Eloqua

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Are you an international company, working towards many different countries, do you need to communicate in different languages. Leadteq can help you integrate your Eloqua Marketing Automation system with Cloudwords. if you are using Marketo, ExactTarget (Salesforce Marketing Cloud), Adobe, WordPress or Sitecore, Cloudwords has seamless integrations for them as well.

Upload, your Eloqua email, landing page or campaign. Have the translation vendor you are comfortably working with already do the job or search among Cloudwords trusted translation vendors. Cloudwords ensures every stakeholder-internal teams, translation vendors, reviewers, external parties — stays on time and in sync with fully-customizable automated workflows. When the translation is complete, it will automatically be delivered back to your content system, in the right format.

More worldwide demand – faster and easier

Cloudwords for Eloqua accelerates and automates campaign localization to maximize revenue from global markets. Localize more content, more frequently. Cloudwords integrates cloud to cloud with Eloqua in minutes. Once seamlessly integrated, your Eloqua content is just one click away from taking your campaigns and content to any market in any language. Select the Eloqua content you want to localize (emails, landing pages, snippets and more) and Cloudwords does the rest.

Efficiency-Creating Advantages

    1. Deploy global campaigns in days, not weeks or months
    2. Maintain message consistency, higher campaign quality
    3. Create more global customer touch points at lower cost
    4. Eliminate error prone manual efforts – no multilingual skills necessary
    5. Eliminate tedious cutting and pasting
    6. Reduce stress by leveraging full localization process visibility

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Key features

Cloudwords fully automates the process of getting your campaigns and content into all the languages of your target markets. Optimized for ease of use, Cloudwords for Eloqua provides marketers with a powerful set of capabilities to maximize global revenue potential while minimizing tedious manual work.

  • In-context review, deployment-ready
    All localized content is automatically merged back into chosen Eloqua templates, even different templates for different languages
  • Robust reporting and analytics
    Valuable, on-demand insights on translation spend, project efficiency, and localization ROI; integrated with Eloqua Financial Management for full campaign cost analysis
  • Intelligent content processing
    Cloudwords automatically discovers and extracts any embedded snippets, forms and dynamic content within emails and landing pages, so all content is properly localized
  • Translation vendor neutral
    Keep working with your current preferred translation vendor(s) and/or identify additional ones in the Cloudwords Marketplace
  • Localization vendor friendly
    All Eloqua content is automatically converted to industry-standard formats used by language service providers, and they continue to use their preferred CAT (Computer-Assisted Translation) tools
  • Centrally-hosted translation memory
    Cloudwords OneTM ensures you never have to pay for, or wait, to have the same words and phrases translated more than once, by any vendor
  • Centrally-hosted multilingual brand assets
    Company glossaries and style guides are accessible by all vendors, and easily edited and updated by the marketing team
  • Cloud-based SaaS solution
    No IT involvement, no install, up and running immediately
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