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We´d love to hear your ideas around Digital Marketing and Marketing Automation. Please drop-by to have a cup of coffee and to discuss how to improve in digital and non-digital channels! We´re always up for a good discussion on how to build better campaigns or how to get more qualified leads using Marketing Automation. You can also…

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Björn Sperling

Sales Nordics

Björn is founder of Leadteq and an experienced Marketing Automation and Lead Generation expert. +46(0) 735-30 33 10 or bjorn.sperling @ leadteq.com.

Marte Stenbro

Sales Norway & Sweden

Marte has extensive experience of Project Management and Marketing Automation. You can contact Marte on +46(0) 707-42 22 01 or marte.stenbro @ leadteq.com.

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