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EmailEditor for Oracle Eloqua

Build responsive and efficient newsletters and emails within minutes

The Leadteq EmailEditor app allows you to create beautiful, responsive and effective newsletters and emails without any coding skills. The app was initially created to support publishers and media houses whose core business is sending out newsletters to their customers. Bringing it to market we saw that there was a need for this across a broader range of industries.

For companies with a large amount of newsletters and publications it provides an easy to use interface for non Eloqua users to send out newsletters and still get full use of the Eloqua capabilities.

Create emails from RSS-feeds and XML-feeds or article databases. 

The Leadteq EmailEditor is an app that instantly creates an email from the RSS-feed, XML-feed or article databases. It is also possible to manually enter content.



A template can have one or more modules. It is possible to drag and drop elements within each module. You can change the view of an element, edit the text in each element as well as change the number of elements that are displayed for each module.


Once you are done editing you can preview the email in the EmailEditor or send it to Litmus or your personal email account.

Connected to Oracle Eloqua

Select a segment from Eloqua and send the email to the contacts directly or schedule to a specific day/time.



The EmailEditor comes with a personal log in, which doesn’t affect the number of Eloqua licenses. Each profile can be adjusted to fit the role of the user. For example an admin would be able to access and edit everything, while an editor would be able to access and edit only the newsletter entities that he or she has been granted access to, as well as send to the segments that he or she has access to. Statistics are available; number of sent emails, open rate, bounce-back reports etc.

Examples of newsletters that are created from the EmailEditor app

Well known brands from Bonnier Business Media like; Resume, Veckans affärer and Business insider all uses the EmailEditor app connected to their Eloqua to create and distribute their newsletters on a daily basis.






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