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What you need to know about Marketing Automation

Below we explain some of the most commonly used terms within marketing Automation and Oracle Eloqua.

If you have other questions around Marketing Automation, or if you want to know more about Oracle Eloqua, please contact us and we´ll tell you more about this exiting area, and the product we´ve chosen to work with – Oarcle Eloqua.

lead Capturing is all about making sure you notice and “catch” your online visitors.

By using Content Marketing, Social Marketing or Search Engine Marketing you attract people online with different call-to-action items. By adding Marketing Automation you get them to thank you for the information by leaving their Digital Body Language behind, hopefully along with their contact details.

Lead Nurturing is the fine art of communicating with the potential customers that so far has not qualified to become real leads. They need a little bit more attention and information before they will show you if they are ready to buy or not. By providing them with small batches of information you politely remind them about the advantages of your offer.

There is a great value in communicating with these leads, not yet ready to buy. According to Gartner, 80% of them WILL buy something similar within the nearest 24 months (B2B). To deal with this group requires a good strategy, and a good marketing automation tool.

Lead Scoring is a way of defining sales-ready leads.

By using Eloqua you will know who your visitors are, and what they´re doing in your digital channels. In Eloqua we use something called co-dynamic scoring, which means that we combine your online activity with your personal profile. A profile can be your title, business area, company size, geography or your age. Activity could be downloads, attended webinars, pages visited etc. The combination of these makes the scoring. The specific score will then determine how to handle each individual lead. Disqualify, Send to sales? Nurture?

By engaging your sales team in the set-up of your lead scoring model, you will get a common view on how to define a good qualified lead. The sales effectivity will increase and they will be able to spend time with the right leads. They will also get invaluable information on each leads preferences!

By automating this process, marketing can deal with thousands of leads not yet ready for sales.

Apart from selecting the right leads for sales, a Marketing Automation platform will store individual data that can be used by the sales person when calling or meeting with a prospect.

By using “Eloqua Profiler” a sales rep. can see what kind of information that has been pushed to a specific person, and also how he or she reacted on this information. What pages they visited, what whitepapers they downloaded or what they said about your product in social media. That makes it easier to close the deal!

To get the full effect on Marketing Automation, you must integrate you marketing- and sales processes. You must agree on the definition of a qualified lead.

To get that common view, to keep the transparancy and the closed-loop reporting, the marketing automation tool should be integrated with your CRM-system. (Customer Relationship Management) Eloqua offers two-way information exchange with Salesforce.com, MS Dynamics and Oracle. Eloqua can also be integrated with any other CRM that offers good API:s.

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