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Lattice Engine

What is Predictive Lead Scoring?


Find your best business opportunities with Intelligent Lead Scoring

Traditional Lead scoring only contains customer profile and engagement, which means that Leads are scored based on a fraction of the information available about your business opportunities. Lattice predictive lead scoring and account scoring optimizes top of your revenue funnel by prioritizing demand based on all available buying signals.

Predictive Lead Scoring adds thousands of buying signals based on the company level to your existing data and uses powerful machine learning to identify predictive attributes to those of your leads and business opportunities that are most likely to convert.

It makes it easier to respond to the needs of potential buyers, identify who is calling, what to say and finally close more business. This complete solution of predictive sales and marketing applications enable you to identify and prioritize business opportunities at every stage of the purchasing cycle.

Leadteq guides the predictive marketer by providing the most comprehensive and most widely used set of predictive marketing and sales programs available today, Lattice Engine.. Lattice is the market leader, secure and easy to use program to address each stage of the revenue cycle, and deliver proven value to all stakeholders, which ultimately results in increased conversion rates, faster revenue growth for companies of all sizes.

Lattice provides automated marketing and sales programs that identify potential customers who are most likely to buy, what they are likely to buy and when. The programs combine billions of buying signals and applying advanced machine learning that will help you take the sales and marketing decisions. Specifically, Lattice applications helps you with:

  1. Lead prioritization: find the leads that are most sales-ready
  2. Account prioritization: find the companies that are most likely to buy from you
  3. Cross-Sell / Up-Sell: find the customers who are most likely to buy more from you
  4. Retention: find customers at risk for churnillustration-ss-topper


Your Data + Lattice Data Cloud
Lattice mix your customer data with thousands of additional business based buying signals to provide a 360-degree view of the customer.

Reveal customer buying patterns
Powerful machine learning shows trends among customers’ purchasing patterns to provide targeted recommendations as to who should you call, what to sell and why.

Tailored calls
Your unique product messages delivered with customer specific sales recommendations through a user-friendly Sales interface

Leadteq helps you implement and integrate the Predictive Analytics application from Lattice.


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