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At Leadteq we do everything from trainings, workshops pre-studies and strategy sessions, to handling the complete range of digital marketing services for our customers. By using the methodology already proven by Eloqua themselves, we make Marketing Automation work for you. There are several tools on the market, but we´ve decided to focus on Eloqua, and the newly added products within the Oracle Marketing Cloud. We´re looking forward to a very interesting journey within digital marketing.


A structured workshop is a good way of starting your project. This way everybody involved will share the same view on what Marketing Automation can do for your specific organization. At the WS we also get the chance to set common expectations and goals for the project.

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To make the most of of Marketing Automation, we need to understand your business. That means that we need to identify processes, digital systems, process flows and the set-up of your organization. The result can, must must not result in a MA set-up with Eloqua.

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Big changes sometimes requires small step adjustments. In a Lead Pilot project, we can apply strategies and methodology to a specific area. It could be a market segment, a country, a product or a division. This way we can find Best-Practise activity to fit your company.

Pilot projects


In a short period of time using Eloquas own methodology, we get you up and running with Oracle Eloqua. This way you take your fist step towards measuring the results of your first MA Campaign.

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We run all your digital campaigns and make sure you get more qualified leads. you provide us with the content, ideas, target groups, market info, translations and lists. We turn it into effective Marketing Automation!

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At the same time as your first campaigns start running, we train you to step by step, take control over your Marketing Automation processes. Then you can choose which areas to focus on moving forward.

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