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Leadteq’s pre-study identifies the necessary changes for your organisation

Implementing Marketing Automation can and should influence your organisation, processes and existing systems. The Leadteq pre-study delivers a clear view on what needs to be done and the effect it will have.

Leadteq work with Leadgeneration (Lead To Revenue Management, L2RM) by using Marketing Automation. A prerequisite to be successful is an overview and knowledge of your organisation, processes and systems (Existing). With that knowledge at hand we can create the goals and a vision for the desired outcome. (Future). Finally we will create a plan describing how we together will move from Existing to Future and how it will effect your organisation, processes and systems. (Strategy). This is what our Pre-studys is about, for you to develop and create better business.

The solution we recommend after a pre-study can include, but doesn’t have to, a implementation of  Oracle Eloqua Marketing Automation.

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