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Responsys Marketing Orchestration

Marketing Orchestration for B2C



Oracle Responsys is B2C Marketing Automation Orchestration to companies addressing consumers or individuals. Responsys is used by B2C companies like AirBnB, F-Secure, Kmart and Lufthansa. With Oracle Responsys you can orchestrate a consistent, relevant Cross-Channel Experience for Consumers

Oracle Responsys, empowers marketers to deliver more relevant, real-time interactions for consumers across email, mobile, display, social, and web experiences. At its core is Program, a centralized canvas to orchestrate these interactions with a powerful, point-and-click interface that helps them adapt, not just respond, to customer behavior.

Adapt to the real-time needs of consumers and avoid journeys to nowhere.

Despite all the hype about 1:1 customer relationships, marketing teams struggle to deliver on the promise. The main challenge: Static email segments and journey builders don’t adapt fast enough to keep pace with real customers and the unpredictable ways in which they move about the world. According to research from eConsultancy, only 12% of marketers believe their marketing is real-time enough to drive adequate business results.

Oracle Responsys Orchestration connects real-time consumer behavior to relevant experiences, messaging, and content. With simple, but powerful tools for marketing orchestration, marketing teams can create a consumer path that’s self-directed and adaptive to their consumer’s preferences, activities and attributes.

Nearly 90% of marketing teams experience silos between the technologies, processes and teams in which they work. The email team operates with different technology than the mobile team, which is different than the digital and web teams. The result is a broken customer experience. According to Accenture, nearly 80% of customers report a fragmented experience as they move across channels.

Oracle Cross-Channel Marketing provides a centralized hub that allows marketers to centralize how teams orchestrate interactions across their marketing channels. With rich analytics and insights, they can tie consumer engagement across channels to real, meaningful revenue.



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